7 Wonderful Ways to Pass a Summer Afternoon

7 Wonderful Ways to Pass a Summer Afternoon

I am burning the midnight oil running this business. But that gives me the luxury of spending time with our daughter during the long, summer days. We spend our mornings doing projects, going on mini-trips to the local lake, and keeping the house rolling. But by about 3 pm, it all catches up with me. Nap time? Not really. So how can I keep it moving until I gain my second wind?

1. Library:

A restful but brainy break. I coo over books she likes, choose a fresh stack to take home, dig for change to pay of some of our fines, and everyone is happy.

2. Local park:


When we lived in Brooklyn, this was one of my favorites. Our daughter was still in her stroller, so I would pack a bag of goodies, and off we’d go. Now we can drive to a number of local parks. I find the closest “mom” bench, pop open an iced tea, and smile and wave as she plays to her heart’s content.

3. Movie time at home:

I lay out our Winnie the Pooh blanket on the living room floor and make fresh popcorn. Then we close the shades, crank the a/c or fans, and roll an old Disney or Studio Ghibli favorite.

4. Board game stations:


We bring a pile of favorites up from the basement: Monopoly, Life, Hi-Ho Cherry-O, and set them at different locations around the living room. Then we play, or just goof around with the cards and spinners. Or make up stories about the little bus from Life with its peg people. Can they visit Monopoly? Will a Cherry-o cherry fit in the bus?

5. Playtime bath:

Toys, bubbles and no time limit. I wish a closed toilet seat were more comfortable to sit on. Something to invent.

6. Nature walk or urban hike:

We check out buttercups and odd caterpillars crossing the sidewalk. Duck under mailboxes, and balance along the curb with arms out like Nadia Comaneci. In the city, we would check out flowers poking over neighbors’ fences, jump off brick planters (sorry neighbors), and marvel at passing fire trucks.

7. Wander around the nearest dollar store.

I usually buy something at the end to thank the store owner for letting us kill time. Target is also good for this. Stop at the Starbucks and pick up something large. Then wander the toy aisle. Again, I usually buy something small to thank them for their hospitality.

However we spend these afternoons, I know they will only be a memory come September. That makes me appreciate them even more.


Our daughter has added a few new suggestions on how to pass a lazy afternoon:

1. playdate
2. reading
3. local pool and splash around with your family
4. smart computer games (like Discovery Kids)
5. drawing a picture


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