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Project Proposal Sheet: Worksheet

Use this sheet for a project proposal or design. Great for science fairs and inventions of all kinds. Sharpen those pencils and get to work.

Who knows? Maybe your student will end up on Shark Tank!


Project Proposal Sheet: Worksheet 

Cluster Organizer for Topic Organization and Brainstorming

Use this cluster organizer for topic organization, brainstorming, mind-mapping and more. cluster organizerCluster Organizer for Topic Organization and Brainstorming, printable worksheet

School Strategies – Assignment Checklist with Text Fields

I had fun making this. It is a weekly assignment checklist with text fields in the PDF. Continue reading

Organizing your Inventive Kid – Brainstorm Journals

organizing your kid

My grandfather had stacks of journals. Leather ones and plastic ones. Fancy and plain. He would even buy datebooks from years past because of a special quality he liked: a pebbled leather cover, a gold stamp of the year. He would show us in delight. Look! Hand stitched!

I inherited this gene. Back-to-school shopping at Staples finds me wringing my hands in delight over the fresh batch of composition books. Shall we get one with a cute puppy cover? Or a peace sign cover? How about college ruled? Oooh, graph paper inside! How about recycled? I want them all.

But what is it about a fresh journal that is so inspiring? Continue reading

Organizing Your Inventive Kid – Movable Storage

Organizing Your Inventive Kid - Movable Storage - Nikola Tesla

Mr. Tesla

Nikola Tesla lived in a hotel.

After a day in the lab, tinkering with wireless power and x-rays, he would retreat to a room, freshly cleaned and organized by housekeeping.

Strangely, we have no housekeeping staff. After a day of tinkering with K’Nex and colored pencils, our little one retreats to a room strewn with Big Hero 6 figurines and well-loved stuffed animals. She is happy with this. After all, Hiro and Tadashi have always wanted to fly on the back of a stuffed kitty cat. So the inventive thinking continues late into the eve.

Our children have the potential to be as creative as the world’s greatest scientists and artists. Continue reading

Homework Strategies – What Time Works Best

Homework Strategies - What Time Works Best - school bus

I know what doesn’t work:

Homework on the bus

Believe me, I tried this method many times growing up. I would get woozy and bus sick. I still remember the feeling of bus sickness – not quite the same as car sickness. The diesel fumes mixed with the scent of bologna sandwiches really took it to a new level. Continue reading

Homework Strategies – Simplifying a Worksheet

Homework Strategies - Simplifying a Worksheet - sample complex sheetYou know the night.

It is 5:43. Dinner is not in the oven. School shoes have been left in front of the door so they can be tripped over tomorrow morning. Your young student, who wants nothing more than to jump from sofa to sofa to expend some energy, had been seated at the kitchen table with a fresh pencil in hand. And then?

Out comes the math worksheet (cue sound effect).

Continue reading

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