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Shows that Speak to the Entrepreneur in Me

I like shows where people are on the grind. Don’t get me wrong. I love to watch a Friends rerun for the twentieth time. The familiarity warms me up like a cup of cocoa.

© Redlands597198

© Redlands597198

But then there are shows that fire me up—get me going. Shows that I play in the background as I prepare the house for a day of work. By the time I sit at my desk, I am ready to go.

I identify with what the characters are going through, and enjoy the hijinks as I watch the ups and downs that inevitably accompany being an entrepreneur.

They’re fun. And even more, they’re educational.

Beyond the Tank on ABC:

How to Make it in America on HBO:

Silicon Valley on HBO

Shark Tank on ABC:




Startup Log – When to Make Changes

I don’t know.

Maybe it was my binge-watching of Tony Robbins videos while I worked last Friday.

Maybe it was looking at the total royalties on my publishing account.


Maybe it was realizing that things, while working a little bit, are not working well enough.

But I did not sleep. I did not feel comfortable with my position in the world.

I am glad to be out there making products for the newest generation of kids.
I truly appreciate my customers. My heart skips a beat every time I sell a new book.

I want fun, challenging stuff in the hands of our students.

That is not going to change.

But what is going to change is my focus. My hiding in the corner hoping to be discovered. That is not how it works.

I need to produce more, communicate more, disrupt more.

Yes, I am the very little guy. And I am no longer OK with that.

Startup Log – The Awkwardest YouTube Video Ever

This is a screenshot from my YouTube video manager: videoBut this video is gone. MAYBE I will re-edit and post again. But it was too awkward to leave up there as-is!

Looking for tips on how to do it better . . .  off to YouTube to do a search.


Startup Log – The Early Days

This blog has been going for years.

This was my first post:

firstposthund2011. Seems like forever.

I had a couple of down years in there. I took on a bunch of freelance work during the period, thinking I was getting ahead when I actually wasn’t. But that’s a story for another day!

Even if I only get 50 views per day at this point, that is:

50 kids getting a free worksheet

or 50 teachers thinking about getting one of the workbooks

or 50 parents getting a project idea from a blog post

or 50 people who are simply browsing as they take some downtime from their day.

They all matter. Each of these 50 people matters to me. Thank you.


Startup Log – First School Order

Just before the holidays, I dropped off my first school order.

The order is for an independent school that focuses on Project-Based Learning along with a rigorous academic math and ELA program.

They ordered copies of the:

I love it. I hope the students thrive with the use of these materials.

Have a good day, all.



Startup Log

I have done the legwork. In 4 years in I have . . .

5 books in print

6 eBooks

200+ worksheets

. . . and more goodies.

Here is where I stand in the world:

I have accrued 900+ Twitter followers (thank you – it means a lot to me. I get a little wave of happiness every time I get a follower):

twitterI have 27 Instagram followers:



I range between 50 to 70 visits per day to my site:


My YouTube videos have gotten anywhere from 7 views to 274 views:


I feel as if I am making something that will take off. I am committed to creating quality content. I offer plenty of resources. I have a vision of how things should be.

These numbers are not great. And I am OK with that. For now.

Will check back in with updates. Stay tuned!

Behind the Scenes: My Favorite Motivators on YouTube

This R2 unit has a bad motivator.” No. Worse. Fate.


(Insert copyright-free Star Wars image here. There is no such thing? Grumble. OK. Empty space, then.)


It is part of my job to seek good motivators along the journey of building this company.

From my Twitter feed, I witness so many out there putting one foot in front of the other, building companies, launching crowdfunded projects, making something happen for themselves and their loved ones.

I cheer you on. You make me feel not alone in this.

I have pulled together a list of my favorite motivators–those who encourage me to push past the dreaded “[w]hat am I thinking? This will never work… ” moment.

My favorites:


Gary Vaynerchuk – Raw and honest passion for what he does



Chase Jarvis – in-depth interviews from behind-the-scenes




Fortune – keep an eye on what the big companies are doing



Marie Forleo – fearless and warm interviews



Jonathan Fields – probing, interesting questions



TedX Talks


Wishing you great success on your journey.

For my readers in the US: wishing you a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving that is just the way you like it, whether it be turkey with all the fixings OR tomato soup, grilled cheese, FunYuns and Friends reruns.


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