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Project Proposal Sheet: Worksheet

Use this sheet for a project proposal or design. Great for science fairs and inventions of all kinds. Sharpen those pencils and get to work.

Who knows? Maybe your student will end up on Shark Tank!


Project Proposal Sheet: Worksheet 

Cluster Organizer for Topic Organization and Brainstorming

Use this cluster organizer for topic organization, brainstorming, mind-mapping and more. cluster organizerCluster Organizer for Topic Organization and Brainstorming, printable worksheet

School Strategies – Assignment Checklist with Text Fields

I had fun making this. It is a weekly assignment checklist with text fields in the PDF. Continue reading

Homework Strategies – Scratch Paper that Makes Sense

Homework Strategies – Scratch Paper that Makes Sense

Does this page look familiar?

The teachers want to see the steps of our student’s work. But scratch work as shown on the page below is hard to follow for the teacher – and the student.


Download this scratch paper to help your student organize his or her thinking. Features an oversized grid layout with space for problem numbers.  Within each section, there is plenty of room to fit complex problems. Page works in horizontal or vertical format, depending on what makes your student most comfortable.


Homework Strategies - Scratch Paper that Makes Sense

printable scratch paper



Organize the Week – Homework Organizer

Free, printable homework organizer with “done” bubbles.  Click on image to launch downloadable PDF.homework

Organize the Week

Use this free, printable school week organizer for organizing activities, school days, homework and more.

Click on image to launch printable PDF.


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Goals/Resolutions Worksheet


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