My Favorite Twitter Accounts: Diverse Learning Styles

ADDitudeMag ‏@ADDitudeMag

Timely and interesting articles, plus plenty of tips. They focus on a variety of solutions and suggestions, and don’t just belabor one point of view. Very impressed.

Jeff Emmerson ‏@Beyond_ADHD

Full of heart and dedicated to the cause of raising awareness.


SENG ‏@SENG_Gifted

Articles and links to though-provoking content

GiftedandTalented @giftedtalentedu

Keep students learning with tips and suggestions



Dyslexic Advantage ‏@dyslexicadv

Authors focus on the positive attributes of Dyslexia


Dr Robert Melillo @DrRobMelillo

A great thinker in the world of learning differences. His quotes and links are inspiring and thought provoking.

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