All About the eBooks

All About the eBooks

All About the eBooks

Imagine having every kind of paper you might need at your fingertips –
writing paper, story paper, graph paper, numbered paper, and more. Now it is possible with our printable books of paper.

There are four books in the series: Beginner, elementary, graph, and guided. Watch the videos below to learn about each book in detail.

Beginner Paper – for the Pre-K through Grade 1 Student. Line heights range from the very-beginner (2″ line height), through Grade 1 where students will transition to standard, wide-ruled paper. The book includes writing, story, and numbered papers.

Elementary Paper – for the student in Grades 1 through 5. These pages cover wide- and college-ruled formats, with columned papers, numbered, story, and writing paper, plus a fun project page at the end of each section.

Graph Paper – Math paper for all levels. This book includes graphs of all grid sizes, both standard and metric. Also you will find basic coordinate graphs, both with and without numbers, and specialty graphs. Check out the video to see it all.

Guided Paper – Paper with spacing and layout guides. These pages are designed to give that extra bit of structure for the student who may be still mastering the fundamentals of spacing and letter placement. The book includes specialty graph papers at the end to help students tackle the art of working on a graph paper. All sizes from pre-K through college-ruled.