Saturday Serenity – Tea with Me

Saturday Serenity – Tea with Me

Saturday Serenity - Tea with Me: Lego Time
Strange, small, clear Lego house

I am allergic to coffee.

I gave that its own paragraph so that it could truly sink in, for I want your pity.

I have taken to drinking green tea in a glass. I make it very strong, strong enough to destroy tooth enamel. And definitely no sugar. This is pure caffeine with no frills. It’s… OK.

But I still miss coffee.

Coffee aside, Saturday mornings are precious in our house. Breakfast for the little one is eggy in a basket. We bake Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free bread in our bread machine. So the slices are enormous. An egg nests comfortably inside.

After breakfast comes cleanup, maybe a little Looney Tune watching. Then comes Tea with Me.

Tea with me is Mommy-and-me time. The only requirements are a fresh cup of tea for me, and quiet playtime with our daughter. Building strange Lego structures. Coloring pages. Inventions. Stuffed animal dramas. Weird science experiments.

But what matters is that it is quiet, uninterrupted time together.

I don’t know when it started. But I do remember when Saturdays were a blur of Home Depot runs, laundry catchup, and mailbox duct-taping (more on that some other time). Saturdays still are just as crazy. But the crazy starts after that 45 minutes of quiet bonding time.

I have noticed a positive change to Saturdays. I do not try to get everything done while carrying around that nagging feeling that I should be spending more time with our daughter. And after tea with me, I disperse several other “drop everything and pay attention” moments throughout the day.

When our daughter has had some special dedicated time, she seems to feel satisfied. Her attention bucket is full. And I feel calmer overall.

And isn’t that what Saturdays are for?


Saturday Serenity – Tea with Me