Startup Log – When to Make Changes

Startup Log – When to Make Changes

I don’t know.

Maybe it was my binge-watching of Tony Robbins videos while I worked last Friday.

Maybe it was looking at the total royalties on my publishing account.


Maybe it was realizing that things, while working a little bit, are not working well enough.

But I did not sleep. I did not feel comfortable with my position in the world.

I am glad to be out there making products for the newest generation of kids.
I truly appreciate my customers. My heart skips a beat every time I sell a new book.

I want fun, challenging stuff in the hands of our students.

That is not going to change.

But what is going to change is my focus. My hiding in the corner hoping to be discovered. That is not how it works.

I need to produce more, communicate more, disrupt more.

Yes, I am the very little guy. And I am no longer OK with that.

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