Startup Log

Startup Log

I have done the legwork. In 4 years in I have . . .

5 books in print

6 eBooks

200+ worksheets

. . . and more goodies.

Here is where I stand in the world:

I have accrued 900+ Twitter followers (thank you – it means a lot to me. I get a little wave of happiness every time I get a follower):

twitterI have 27 Instagram followers:



I range between 50 to 70 visits per day to my site:


My YouTube videos have gotten anywhere from 7 views to 274 views:


I feel as if I am making something that will take off. I am committed to creating quality content. I offer plenty of resources. I have a vision of how things should be.

These numbers are not great. And I am OK with that. For now.

Will check back in with updates. Stay tuned!

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