The Making of a MakerSpace

The Making of a MakerSpace

I was getting antsy.

Once every six months or so I need to do a complete overhaul of something. Maybe my desk. Maybe our daughter’s bookshelves. But something has to change.

Today? It was time to create a MakerSpace in the basement. It has been a long, rainy summer, so I needed more constructive environments indoors. And our daughter is very inventive. Give her a piece of PVC piping, an old Barbie, and some clay, and she’ll get right to work. So why not create a space in which she can explore her ideas further?


I quickly fired up an old card table and cleared a corner in the basement. During this time, I had our daughter peruse her shelves for “maker-ish” things to put in the space.: Legos, K’Nex, PVC (one of her favorites), odd magnetic things, scissors, and the like. We pulled out one of those mini chrome shelving units that was being used for winter shoes (they are now in a very neat pile which will not last, so that will probably be the next project I tackle) and put it off to the side. Then we dug out a toddlers’ tool bench that had come from her grandparents.

Off to one side, similar to an art studio setup, we place sharpened pencils and journals so she can brainstorm and document her projects.

She is down there right now with her father, and I can hear them cheerfully discussing new ideas. What a great way to end a summer day.

Have a good one everyone!

And, hey, download this free worksheet to go with your MakerSpace: