Why I am OK with Being the Little Guy – For Now

Why I am OK with Being the Little Guy – For Now

The best piece of advice I have received along this journey so far has been from David Boozer (@dboozeman). He stated, simply:

“Don’t look at the other guys as your competition. See them as your community.”

That works for me.

I am an educational publisher. The tiniest educational publisher you could ever imagine. I am surrounded by giants. And they are great ones. They have teams of thousands. And their work is beyond compare.

It all came down to a little napkin doodle over Thanksgiving:

big guys

So why am I not fighting over a piece of the pie?

Because I respect them, so why am I going to “go after” them?

They are my community – the community of people who are committed to educating our youth.

So I won’t even try. I will just create something a bit different.

And that is what I have set out to do.

Have a lovely day, everyone.







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